Brief History

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The Mount Olive Baptist Church was organized in the winter of 1920, through prayer meetings held in the home of Sister Louise Pruitt in the 700 block of Jarvis Street. Reverend Jack Williams served as the organizing Pastor. Participants in the prayer meetings along with Sister Pruitt were Sister Nettie Brown, Sister Della Moore, Brother Johnny Smallwood, Sister Molly Smallwood, Sister May Blair, Brother Lorenzo Murry and Sister Rosa L. Robertson. All original members are now deceased. They soon outgrew Sister Pruitt's parlor. The owner of a near by garage, located one block east on Hemphill Street, permitted the group to use his facilities as a meeting place for Sunday School and Worship services. Apple and orange crates from the nearby produce yard were used as seats for the congregation. As the membership grew, Reverend Williams organized the group, which became the Williams Chapel. Some of the early members included Brother W.D. Harris, Brother Earnest Williams, Brother George Wilson, Sister Alice Williams, and Sister Rozella Dixon. Brother Harris became the first Superintendent of the Sunday School. He donated ninety dollars ($90.00) to purchase lumber from Chickasaw Lumber Company for construction of the first pews, which he and other men of the church built. Brother George Wilson was ordained as a deacon and became the first Chairman of Deacons. During this time there were no other auxiliaries. He served until 1968, the time of his demise.

Other Ministers within the first four years of the church's existence included Reverend Bass and Reverend Manuel Johnson. The congregation continued to grow. With the church still located on Hemphil Street, Reverend Johnson served as Pastor. He later terminated his services. Prayerfully the church continued with Reverend Willie Sample as Pastor.

Later the Reverend C.L. Huff was called to pastor at the Hemphill and Jarvis location. Under his pastorate in early 1925 the congregation changed its name tot he Mount Olive Baptist Church. Still growing numerically, Reverend Huff saw the need for a larger building. He led the church to purchase the property on the corner of Hattie and Crawford Street. In 1931, the upper level was built at a cost of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). More than two thirds of the indebtedness was paid before the death of Reverend Huff in 1934.

Reverend L.A. McIntire served as pastor for approximately eighteen months. Reverend McIntire resigned and Reverend E.H. Branch of Houston, Texas was called. Under his leadership the auxiliaries were organized, the upper story was completed and furnished. To his credit the indebtedness was paid off. Reverend Branch resigned to become Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri. The Lord sent Reverend L.R. Lockridge. During his administration, the property for the church at Evans Avenue and Elmwood Street was purchased. The Pastor served untiringly until his death in December of 1958.

In 1959 Reverend Issac Green became Pastor. He is credited with the construction of the church at 1712 Evans Avenue. Reverend Green left the church in 1963.

Our Pastors

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Reverend William T. Glynn

Senior Pastor

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Louis Stewart

Assistant Pastor

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